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Online S3

Online S3 is an EU-funded digital platform with free tools to help develop ‘smart specialisation’ strategies for economic growth.

ECCI joined forces with 12 European partners to win a bid to deliver the project.

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The purpose of smart specialisation is to boost economic growth by nurturing strengths and skills in research and innovation. Our role was to engage people in Scotland with Online S3 to help shape its development. We tested the platform with the help of businesses, public sector organisations, students, researchers and other stakeholders and collated analysis of the results.

“The Online S3 planning, research and engagement tools can be used to support your day-to-day work, whatever your field. So get on the inside track and give us your thoughts.” ECCI Deputy Director, Ed Craig

Who needs a smart specialisation strategy?

Any EU region who wants to receive money from the European Structural and Investment Funds. The EU are proposing to make it a criteria for this type of funding.

What about when we leave the EU?

Smart specialisation is fast becoming crucial for enterprises and innovation in Scotland and the UK too. The Scottish Government is making it part of the current Economic Strategy, for example. And the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy and City Deal funding mechanisms are based on a smart specialisation approach as well.

Explore Online S3

  • Visit and register on the site.
  • Click on 'Toolbox' in the top menu on the homepage.

Although the formal Online S3 consultation has now ended, you can share your thoughts on the platform by filling in a short, anonymous questionnaire. Your feedback will still be helpful as the platform is tested and refined.