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Sustainable Scotland Network

The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is Scotland’s public sector network on sustainability and climate change.

As Scotland’s all-public-sector network specialising in sustainability and climate change, SSN supports all major public bodies as they work towards net zero emission targets by 2045

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Scotland has world-leading climate change legislation, committing us to the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. This legislation also sets duties on public bodies to take action on climate change and towards sustainability. Scotland needs its public sector bodies to work together on these challenges with clear leadership, consistent policies and improved knowledge, skills and resources.

As Scotland’s all-public-sector network specialising in sustainability and climate change, SSN supports all major public bodies as they work towards net zero emission targets by 2045.  The network drives public sector action on climate change, scaling up impact through leadership, policy and research.

SSN supports public sector action in three inter-linked thematic programmes:

  • Collaborating to develop Net Zero Places;
  • Leveraging influence towards Net Zero Indirect Emissions;
  • Networking to achieve Net Zero Public Sector Organisations.

These programmes will improve efficiency and effectiveness of public sector action by providing coordinated access to:

  • Consistent guidance and methodologies;
  • Tools and frameworks for improving public sector climate action;
  • Professional training and advice;
  • Sharing good practice and peer-to-peer learning;
  • Policy engagement and knowledge exchange.

SSN Activities

SSN develops and delivers a range of support activities. These include:

Events: SSN member events focus on capacity building across our three net zero programmes, including profiles of good practice from across the network. View member events,

News: Keep up to date with climate change and sustainability at a local, national and international level on the SSN website and monthly newsletter.

Reporting: SSN manages Public Bodies Climate Change Reporting on behalf of the Scottish Government. Annual reports can be found here.

Resources: The SSN website hosts lots of useful resources including case studies, climate tools, guidance and more!

Member support: The SSN Secretariat team of four is based at ECCI offers member support and advice on climate change and sustainability issues. Contact

Working in partnership: SSN’s strategic partners and steering group are drawn from the sectors involved in Public Bodies Climate Change Duties – including NHS Scotland, EAUC Scotland and COSLA.

Join the SSN: Membership is free to all individuals working in Scotland’s public bodies. Enquire today!

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Twitter: @SSNscotland

"If SSN did not exist you'd have to invent it." Professor Dave Reay, Executive Director, ECCI, Policy Director, ClimateXChange, University of Edinburgh

"Our national climate change targets are world-leading, but realising a net zero Scotland needs everyone, and everywhere. Our public sector is right at the heart of this, with local authorities and public bodies covering every corner of the nation and working with every community within it.

"SSN provides the trusted partner for all public bodies to understand and implement the transition to net zero in a way which is locally appropriate, consistent with national priorities, and that ensures good practice is shared and enhanced.”

Principal funding for the network is provided by the Scottish Government, with core financial support also provided from member bodies including NHS Scotland, local authorities and national agencies.