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Dr Caroline Nichol

Reader in Remote Sensing, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Dr Nichol’s research to date has principally been in developing the use of ground, drone/UAS, aircraft and satellite data for exploring seasonal changes in contrasting vegetation types, and have worked at a number of sites in Canada, Brazil, Siberia, Botswana, USA, UK, Finland and Italy.

Dr Nichol’s research vision is to use optical and LiDAR remote sensing to explore a number of scientific areas. These include canopy-level (particularly forests) physiology and biosphere-atmosphere processes, surface and subsurface archaeology and 3D reconstruction of plant canopies. Her research addresses crucial scientific questions whilst employing and developing existing and new technologies to improve the way we measure the Earth’s surface and terrestrial carbon cycle.

Dr Nichol also works within the School of Geosciences’ “Airborne Research and Innovation” Facility which provides a suite of unmanned aerial vehicles in support of a range of projects, as well a manned light aircraft for wider area survey capability.

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