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Dr Saran Sohi

Senior Lecturer in Soil Science and Biochar, in the School of Geosciences (ECCI Associate)

Dr Saran Sohi is a Senior Lecturer in Soil Science and Biochar, in the School of Geosciences. He established a research programme focused on the development of biochar as an integrative carbon removal technology. He is Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research.

Saran co-founded the UK Biochar Research Centre (UKBRC) in 2009. He previously worked on soil carbon more generally (and the non-carbon value of soil organic matter in soil) previously, at Rothamsted Research. He is currently involved in translational research around biochar technologies, including Innovate projects and a pilot project with investment from BEIS.

Saran teaches quantitative skills and soil science to students of Ecological and Environmental Science (E&ES), as well as some postgraduates. He provides an academic interface for alumni of E&ES around careers engagement and mentorship. He is also a non-executive director of Black Bull Biochar Ltd. and contributes to committee work for the non-governmental organisation Plan Vivo.

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