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Richard Lindsay Stevenson

Data and Projects Officer, SCCS

With a secritariat based at ECCI, SCCS is the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research group in the UK. It coordinates all aspects of the country’s CCS research, from capture engineering and geoscience to social perceptions and environmental impact. Through its renowned researchers, SCCS acts as a link between academia, industry and government.

Richard Stevenson is responsible for providing data management, analysis and dissemination and knowledge exchange support across the SCCS partnership and for multiple international CCUS projects. More specifically, this includes analysis and dissemination of Scottish industrial and power emissions, monitoring the progress of CCUS projects around the world, management of the SCCS Global Map, and responding to North Sea infrastructure decommissioning consultations on behalf of SCCS.

Richard provides advice to SCCS and EU project partners and key stakeholders, such as Scottish Government and other industry and academic groups, and also contributes to the wider SCCS partnership in terms of knowledge dissemination, events organisation and publicising successful projects & grant awards.

Richard previously taught Japanese at UK undergraduate level and worked as a translator and proofreader in Japan and the UK. He holds an MSc in Translation Studies and an MSc in Carbon Management (both The University of Edinburgh). He joined SCCS in 2014.