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Richard Lo Bianco

Digital Communications Officer, SCCS

With a secritariat based at ECCI, SCCS is the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research group in the UK. It coordinates all aspects of the country’s CCS research, from capture engineering and geoscience to social perceptions and environmental impact. Through its renowned researchers, SCCS acts as a link between academia, industry and government.

Richard Lo Bianco is responsible for managing and delivering digital media communications for the SCCS partnership and multiple CCUS Projects across Europe, to promote their research and translate findings into formats accessible to different audiences. This involves recording and post-production of audio and video content and other digital media for dissemination through online and social media channels. He also assists with technical input and support in organising and managing conferences, online meetings, webinars and events.

Richard joined SCCS in 2020, bringing his creative and technology background to the team. He has over 10 years of expertise in IT sales and training, organising and facilitating events, and engaging with a variety of audiences including youth groups, schools, professionals, and businesses.

Richard has an MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. He has collaborated in multidisciplinary projects and worked providing consultative AV advice, audio engineering, post-production services, and broadcasting support for films, animations, theatre, published apps, and independent media producers.