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ClimateXChange is Scotland’s centre of expertise on climate change, based here at ECCI.

It brings together researchers and policy-makers, acting as a knowledge broker between the two to create evidence-based policies for a low carbon, climate ready Scotland.

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ClimateXChange works proactively with the Scottish Government to deliver independent, reliable and accessible research that addresses specific climate policy challenges.

As a centre, ClimateXChange is flexible, practical and hands-on, engaging with science institutions nationally and internationally. It has specialists in Scotland’s leading research and higher education institutions, working across various topics, including:

  • energy and land use
  • climate change adaptation
  • policy assessments and evaluations

The centre’s ultimate aim is to improve public policy outcomes, which it does in two ways:

Multi-disciplinary research programme

ClimateXChange responds to questions and requests for evidence from the Scottish Government and its agencies, identifying upcoming evidence needs. It then plans its research and analysis to match policy timelines. The research programme is co-developed with policy colleagues. It delivers the following, and more:

  • research syntheses
  • desk reviews
  • in-depth studies
  • reports

Knowledge brokering

ClimateXChange brings together experts from across sectors, disciplines and institutions in order to generate the best evidence and research possible. It kick-starts knowledge exchanges and productive discussions in a number of ways, including workshops and seminars. By building relationships and communication channels, it gives Government policy-makers access to an extended research network.

“ClimateXChange exemplifies the partnership approach. It build on the strengths of each of its partners, ensuring that our response to climate change is based on the best possible scientific evidence.” Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy

A centre of expertise

ClimateXChange is one of four Scottish Government Centres of Expertise. The other three are CREW (Centre of Expertise on Waters), EPIC (Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks) and Scotland's Plant Health Centre. The four work jointly to:

  • make sure policy-makers have easier access to research
  • help prioritise scientific resources in line with society’s priorities
  • create new partnerships between research institutes and universities

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