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COP26 Climate Collaboration Challenge: Low-carbon collaborations in land use

Last week week, FutureArk hosted a workshop to explore low-carbon collaborations in land use, as part of the COP26 Climate Collaboration Challenge.

Supported by the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) Secretariat, which is based at ECCI, the sold-out workshop brought together around 30 delegates from a range of organisations and sectors to help stimulate and inspire new and stronger collaborations in the ‘race to zero’.

Delegates joined themed workshop groups on food and farming; trees and wood; peat and soils; and water and energy, with lively discussions on different types of potential collaborations for carbon reductions, barriers and enablers. Organisations also shared their own experiences and collaborative projects:  

SSN said: "Providing a facilitated digital space for people to make new connections and have ‘unexpected’ conversations was widely welcomed by participants given the ongoing lack of informal physical meeting spaces due to Covid-19.

"As a result of the workshop, a number of follow-up meetings have already been set up to explore new collaborations. We look forward to following the development of new collaborations via the WWF website, and future showcasing of examples at COP26!"

WWF and Scottish Power COP26 Climate Collaboration

This workshop formed part of the WWF and Scottish Power COP26 Climate Collaboration Challenge, supported by SSN. The Challenge was established to champion new cross-sector partnerships and projects that will deliver faster and ambitious action on climate change.