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Global CANDO innovation summit kicks off

The CANDO Innovation Summit - the national event that celebrates and enables Scottish innovation and entrepreneurship - has kicked off its first online edition this morning.

The Summit explores how businesses from all sectors - from healthcare and advanced manufacturing to construction and the creative industries - can build sustainable growth and resilience after the global impact of COVID-19.

With over 1200 delegates, SMEs and start-ups joining from around the globe, the programme platforms top internationally renowned speakers, including Lolita Jackson, Special Advisor Climate Policy & Programs, New York City Mayor's Office and Ivan McKee MSP, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation.

The packed programme also features a session highlighting the work of three inspiring ECCI-supported entrepreneurs - hosted by ECCI's former Head of Innovation Ed Craig. Each entrepreneur has progressed through ECCI’s renowned EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator, which gets climate-focused entrepreneurs and start-ups investment-ready.

Lidia Krzynowek (Carbogenics), Faisal Ghani (SolarisKit) and Joanna Allen (Reshape Technology) will share insights from their own successful businesses and discuss how the growing demand for green and sustainable products, services and values has created major new markets in which forward-thinking, responsible entrepreneurs are reaping rewards.

Inspiring ECCI-supported entrepreneurs


Carbogenics, a University of Edinburgh spin-out, progressed through ECCI’s Low Carbon Innovation and EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. Carbogenics produces sustainable carbon adsorbents from difficult to recycle organic waste, including coffee cups and wastewater screenings. The functional carbons enhance anaerobic digestion, remove odours and pollutants from wastewater and can be used as plant fertilizer.

Represented by Lidia Krzynowek, Carbogenics were recently selected as the sole Scottish-based company to take part in the prestigious EIT GreenQ programme, aimed at facilitating lasting partnerships between European high growth start-ups seeking scaling opportunities in China. @Carbogenics


Founder and CEO Dr Faisal Ghani has led the development of SolarisKit’s disruptive, low carbon technology - a flat-packable, solar collector providing clean energy in the form of hot water. As well as tackling climate change head on, the technology is empowering some of the world’s poorest people by providing access to low-cost, clean heat.

Currently a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow, Faisal has progressed through Stages 1, 2 and 3 of ECCI’s renowned EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator, which gets climate-focused entrepreneurs and start-ups investment-ready. The team recently moved into the new Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) Accelerator Program in Dundee.

“We are grateful for the continued support provided by ECCI and the EIT Climate-KIC programme through Stages 1, 2, and 3 of this fabulous programme. Improving our communication was a critical area I need to develop to start my company and the support and training provided by ECCI was a critical part of this.” Dr Faisal Ghani, SolarisKit CEO and Founder


Reshape’s platform enables citizens and organisations to work together to reduce their impact on climate change. Recently progressing through Stage 2 of the EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator and ClimateLaunchpad 2019 finalists, Reshape aim to incentivise consumers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and play a personal role in addressing climate change - while at the same time providing organisations with valuable and actionable data needed to accelerate the path to net zero.

The team includes Anthony Magrath – Founder, Gordon Povey – Commercial Director and Joanna Allen – Client Director.

EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator

Since launching in 2017 ECCI's EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator businesses have secured more than £2.5m worth of investments and won more than 70 awards.

The three-stage EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme, hosted in Scotland by ECCI, gives low carbon start-ups the funding, tools and coaching they need to grow into great businesses.

The programme give entrepreneurs access to up to €25,500 grant funding, and business coaching with experienced professionals and adapted to the challenges of COVID-19 by switching coaching and mentoring sessions online.