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New partnership for ECCI and ClimateView to drive climate action

ECCI and The Improvement Service have partnered with Swedish technology company ClimateView to deliver the Scottish Climate Intelligence Service (SCIS).

The SCIS will support Scotland’s local authorities with their approach to the climate transition through effective, climate-informed decision making at all levels and on an area-wide scale.

The collaboration between SCIS and ClimateView will use a shared data platform to support capacity building and implementation of climate action. The SCIS will support local authorities to move existing climate action plans online and use the platform to design, implement and improve area-wide emissions reduction programmes, focusing on effective climate solutions and the systemic changes needed to fund and implement them.

Adoption of the ClimateView platform will facilitate development and delivery of area wide climate action plans, providing impact assessment and monitoring action and implementation. This collaborative model helps to ensure all 32 local authorities contribute to Scotland's net-zero goal, promoting a collective response to climate mitigation and enabling all communities to access the benefits of transition to a low carbon economy.

“We need to deliver climate action at pace and scale to meet targets and unlock all the other benefits for the people of Scotland; moving from static climate action plans to a live-action feed of what works and what is blocked should help us support evidence-based decision making and unlock investment.” - Clare Wharmby, Programme Director, SCIS (ECCI)
"The partnership helps Scotland as a nation as well as every one of Scotland's 32 local authorities progress more efficiently with the help of data-informed analysis. We’re thrilled to work this closely with the key institutions of Scotland’s green transition towards 2045." - Einar Bodström, CEO, ClimateView

Improvement Service

The Improvement Service (IS) is the 'go-to' organisation for local government improvement in Scotland. Set up to deliver improvement support that would help councils to provide effective community leadership, strong local governance and deliver high quality, efficient local services - IS does this by providing a range of transformational change, performance and improvement support, data and intelligence services and digital public services.


ClimateView is a technology company that empowers the public sector to make data-driven decisions in the transition. The software platform enables systematic and integrated modelling of political, economic, and energy shifts across cities, regions and nations to manage, model and report with unified metrics based on IPCC mitigation options. Partners include top-tier global consultancies as well as the Swedish Climate Policy Council, the Ruhr Regional Association and over 135 cities across 9 countries in Europe and North America.

Scottish Climate Intelligence Service

The Scottish Climate Intelligence Service (SCIS) supports councils to build capacity and capability for the development of area-wide programmes of emissions reduction.

Jointly funded by Scottish Government and local government, activity will be delivered by a partnership between Edinburgh Climate Change Institute and the Improvement Service.