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ECCI-supported Loch Electronics launch their Capsule dishwasher!

ECCI-supported start-up, Loch Electronics, has today launched their unique, energy-saving Capsule dishwasher on Kickstarter.

The award-winning Edinburgh-based company, who took part in ECCI's renowned ClimateLaunchpad and EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programmes, started developing the tiny dishwasher 4 years ago. Founders Francisco Carreno and Hang Xu met as international students at the University of Strathclyde and quickly found they had a shared interest in addressing the climate crisis.

Francisco graduated with an MSc in Mechatronics and Automation, whilst Hang graduated with an MSc in Marketing. They combined their skills to create Loch Electronics - a company focused on developing consumer electronics products focused on reducing the global carbon footprint in households and offices.

Loch Electronics co-founder Francisco Carreno said: "As busy students, Hang and I found we were both frustrated by time lost to washing up, which combined with our environmental drive led to the birth of Capsule.

"Through our research we found that replacing manual washing up with a dishwasher is 22 times more effective than replacing an older dishwasher with a newer, more efficient one.

"We realised that the biggest climate impact would come from households and offices that currently do not have an automated dishwasher and that the adoption of Capsule into UK households will help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by 2.7 million tons of CO2 per year.

"The sustainable dishwasher is the first of its kind on the market, taking only 15 minutes to wash two meals worth of dishes using only 2 jars of water.

"Capsule will be the world’s smallest dishwasher with the biggest impact. Eco mode saves 86% of water and 73% of energy when compared to washing dishes by hand. UK households, in turn, could potentially save up to £80 on their energy bill and £50 on their water bill annually."

ECCI and EIT Climate-KIC

Loch Electronics received training, funding and mentorship from ECCI as part of the renowned EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme.

The three stage Accelerator programme gave entrepreneurs funding, coaching and support to develop a successful business model. From 2017-2020, ECCI supported 43 innovative climate start-ups to create 115 jobs, earn over £8m investment and £6.5m in grants and awards, create £1.44m turnover and 42 new products and services.

Loch Electronics co-founder, Hang Xu, said: "We gained invaluable insight into the business aspect of our idea on the EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator and were grateful for the workshops, advice and mentoring during the programme. Special mention to ECCI's Clare Wharmby for the support to analyse the environmental impact of Capsule."

In 2019, Loch Electronics represented Scotland with two other start-ups at ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest green business ideas competition, reaching the final in the City Green Solutions category.