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SAGES Circular Economy policy placement

ECCI is partnering with SAGES - Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment & Society - to offer an opportunity for a short-term policy placement with the Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC) for three to six months, part-time.

The policy placement researcher will work with the SSAC Circular Economy sub-group and Zero Waste Scotland to build on their Materials Flow Account with respect to opportunities from alternative sources of materials, to identify which supply flows could be substituted with local resources (including the 25M tonnes per year of bio-waste and waste heat) for both environmental and economic gain.

They will also work with IBioIC (Scotland’s Innovation Centre for Industrial Biotechnology) to understand Scotland’s skill base in industrial biotechnology with respect to the range of opportunities identified.

The opportunity is open to all SAGES members/students from SAGES member institutions.

Deadline for application is Friday 4 March 2022.