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ECCI start-up's eco-cabin set to take Glasgow by storm

One of the world's most sustainable buildings, created by ECCI-supported start-up IndiNature, will be the centrepiece of an event promoting more sustainable use of resources in Glasgow city centre this weekend.

The Circular Hub will take place on Saturday 30 March from 10am - 5pm in the city's St Enoch Square. It aims to inspire people to consider a circular rethink, reuse, repair and recycle approach.

IndiNature's cutting-edge IndiHowf eco-cabin - which showcases the company's 100% plant-based insulation system - demonstrates better-than-zero waste circular design principles. Part-funded by Zero Waste Scotland, it is plastic-free and is designed to be easily taken apart at the end of its life. The building materials can be re-used, reprocessed into the same products or even composted.

IndiNature has been supported to grow their business through ECCI's Climate-KIC Accelerator, which provides early stage climate-friendly start-ups with the funding, knowledge and tools to make it big.

The Circular Hub event is being organised by Circular Glasgow, a Glasgow Chamber of Commerce initiative. It works with companies across the city to help them find new ways of making money, become more competitive and save money by usuing a 'circular' approach to resources.

Scott Simpson, Managing Director of IndiNature, said: "We launched our new demonstration building only last week at the Scotland Build trade show in the SECC so it's really exciting to be showcasing this amazing little building on the streets of Glasgow this Saturday.

"The construction industry takes half of our natural resources, makes half of our carbon emissions and its waste fills half of our landfill - so sustainable buildings like this are absolutely vital in our fight against climate change.

"We're really grateful to ECCI and the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. They have been key partners in developing the business and accelerating our progress to a point where we can display our innovations and start attracting investment.

“Having champions like them is essential for UK start-ups like us to make large-scale impacts.”

IndiNature has global ambitions and is currently growing investment to establish its first insulation manufacturing plant in Scotland, using local hemp crops.

Building a sustainable business

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