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City Deal Procurement Pathfinder

Sustainable procurement is central to delivering low carbon and climate resilient city infrastructure.

This EIT Climate-KIC-funded project worked with contractors to embed climate innovation in University of Edinburgh and City Deal building projects.

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Data-driven and low carbon innovation

In the second half of 2018, ECCI worked with University of Edinburgh procurers, contractors and their suppliers. Together, we explored and support low carbon and data-driven innovation in University developments and construction processes.

The project worked closely with the University’s data-driven innovation programme to support innovative ideas and ensure the results were embedded across the city-region.

Climate leadership

Senior managers from up to five University contractors were given the opportunity to take part in a leadership programme in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland. It helped them understand and use more sustainable business processes such as whole life costing and circular economy approaches.

Each of the participating contractors also put forward subcontractors or staff members with an idea for integrating data-driven or sustainability solutions into the built environment. The ideas were assessed before a handful of them progressed through to an Innovation Support Programme to develop the idea further. This included coaching, site visits, dedicated workshops and a grant of €2,000 per idea.

Smart infrastructure

Charlotte Waugh, Acting Head of Innovation at ECCI, said: “Our project took a two-pronged approach to delivering the solutions required for the smart, efficient infrastructure of the future.

“We aimed to skill up leaders and unlock ambitious new approaches in supply chains to embed the innovation which will help the University of Edinburgh and its City Deal partners deliver their carbon ambitions.”

The findings were shared across the public sector and City Deal partners to help support broader Edinburgh city-region sustainability aims. ECCI and the University of Edinburgh are planning to build on this pilot project by developing a successor programme during 2019 to further scale up supply chain innovation.

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This project is part of our broader partnership with EIT Climate-KIC to support climate start-ups and drive forward low carbon transformation in cities. Interested?