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ECCI works with a broad range of organisations who share our commitment to climate action.

Our teams help build and support partnerships between organisations who can deliver real change.

Tackling climate change presents systemic challenges which demand that organisations find new and innovative ways of working together.

Whether it’s reimagining and redesigning places, influencing and changing behaviours, embedding a circular economy or making shared climate commitments - everything we need to do to address climate change, and meet our national and international targets, requires us to work collectively towards a shared ambition and build strong partnerships.

That’s why so much of ECCI's work is focused on building partnerships between organisations who can deliver real change - across sectors, industries and borders.

We do this by creating and managing partnership networks and working with key partners on specific projects and programmes. Take a look at some examples of our partnership work below.

Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN)

With a secretariat based at ECCI, the SSN network spans all of Scotland’s 150+ public sector bodies, facilitating knowledge and resource sharing, and embedding best practice around measuring and driving down climate impact. Read more.

Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN)

A UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) supported network translating climate policy into action on the ground. Read more.

City of Edinburgh Council

ECCI is a key partner in setting and delivering Edinburgh’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030. We've helped the city quantify the scale and source of city emissions and plot a course to net zero. Read about the City of Edinburgh Council's Climate commitments.

Edinburgh Climate Commission

We partnered with the City of Edinburgh to co-sponsor the formation of an independent commission which supports and challenges city ambition and action on climate. Read more.

Edinburgh Climate Compact

Through the Edinburgh Climate Commission, we designed a set of climate commitments and targeted the biggest and most influential organisations in Edinburgh to commit to reducing their climate impact. Read more.

SFC Climate Emergency Collaboration Challenge

We are working with the University of Edinburgh’s construction partners to look at how clients and construction companies can collaborate more effectively to deliver better building performance outcomes and improve the climate impact of our built environment. Read more.

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