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ECCI expertise to help Edinburgh City Council achieve 2050 vision

Edinburgh City Council will work with ECCI to make progress on sustainability and climate change, the local authority agreed in a full meeting today.

City Councillors gave the go-ahead to the centre playing a key role in helping the council achieve its vision for Scotland’s capital to become an ‘inspired, connected, fair and thriving city’ by 2050.

ECCI will provide an independent audit of the council’s sustainability activity and deliver recommendations on how the authority can continue to improve its sustainability and climate change impact.

ECCI, part of the University of Edinburgh, will draw on its role delivering projects, policy expertise and business support for a zero carbon future. This includes its role as a host and co-lead for ClimateXChange as well as the Sustainable Scotland Network which has its base in our Edinburgh hub, and our partnership with EU innovation agency Climate-KIC.

Transport and Environment Convener, Councillor Lesley Macinnes, said: “As a Council we are committed to progressing sustainability and reducing the effects of climate change as a city, in line with the ambitions of the Edinburgh 2050 Vision, and are currently focusing on a wide range of projects across areas such as transport infrastructure, housing and recycling initiatives.

“By working with Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation we intend to identify ways of improving our impact on sustainability and climate change, as well as exploring ways of better delivering objectives through work with environmental partners across the Capital.”

Professor Andy Kerr, ECCI Director, said: “ECCI is delighted to be working with the City of Edinburgh Council in its bid to help Edinburgh become an even more inspiring and thriving place to live.

“Delivering on climate targets isn’t just about cutting carbon – it’s the best way to create vibrant and liveable cities with strong economic growth. 

“We look forward to providing the best possible evidence and advice to the city to help it move to the vanguard of climate innovation."

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