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"Innovation competitions like ClimateLaunchpad are crucial at times of crisis."

Multi award-winning entrepreneur Dr Ifeyinwa Kanu, founder of IntelliDigest, explains why the global green ideas competition is needed now more than ever.

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Case Study: Accelerator Stages 1 and 2 (2019)

With only one week to apply for ECCI's renowned climate start-up programme we highlight the impressive achievements of last year's cohort.

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ECCI seeks Consultants for Landscapes as Carbon Sinks Project

ECCI is helping to deliver a new initiative that aims to transform Scotland's landscapes from carbon sources to carbon sinks.

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Green COVID-19 recovery packages will boost economic growth and stop climate change

Researchers find long-term, climate-friendly stimulus policies are often superior in overall economic impact.

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"We have to do business differently. We have to think creatively. ClimateLaunchpad allows you to take this risk."

ClimateLaunchpad 2017 finalist Scott Simpson, founder of IndiNature, explains why the competition is needed now more than ever.

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ECCI on the hunt for climate entrepreneurs

ECCI's EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator, which gives climate start-ups the funding, tools and coaching they need to grow into great businesses, is open for applications.

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Scotland-wide search is on for global green ideas competition

ECCI is opening ClimateLaunchpad – with cash prizes of up to €10,000 – for applications today. The competition is running completely online for the first time in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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ECCI seeks consultants for start-up training and development

Consultants sought to deliver support and training as part of ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator and ClimateLaunchpad programmes.

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Commission Chair urges renewed focus on climate goals in wake of crisis

Dr Sam Gardner shares thoughts on what the Covid-19 crisis could mean for the climate emergency, and the ambitions of the Edinburgh Climate Commission.

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Connected Clusters project reports findings

ECCI partners SSN have published two reports that shed light on the value of Climate Innovation Clusters in the UK.

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