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Welcome ECCI's new Associates

ECCI is expanding its integration with leading climate change academics across the University of Edinburgh by welcoming its first tranche of ECCI Associates.

Via our inclusive climate change hub in Edinburgh, ECCI will work with the academics across a multitude of programmes and projects to enhance our work in translating cutting edge climate change research into policy and practice.

ECCI's 12 Associates are all leaders in climate change research, policy and practice in Scotland, the UK and globally - with expertise ranging from airborne research and innovation and cultural geography, to sustainable forests and landscapes and the causes and consequences of extreme climate events.

Find our more about the 12 leading climate change academics via the ECCI Associates page or view their individual profiles below:

ECCI Executive Director, Prof Dave Reay, said:  "As ECCI looks to further enhance its collaborations with leading climate change researchers, educators and practitioners across the University, it's fantastic to be able to welcome this starry first tranche of 'ECCI Associates'."

ECCI Associate, Emma Yule, said: "I am really looking forward to being an ECCI Associate. I've been involved in several projects at the ECCI over the past few years including being co-chair of the Adaptation Community of Practice, tutoring on the Carbon Management Masters and supporting local projects and community groups through the ECCI.

"These projects bring together students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who are committed to creating a resilient and just Scotland."

ECCI community

ECCI is a centre of excellence within the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh and an inclusive hub for researchers, policy makers, businesses, students and educators.

As such the ECCI community includes agencies who work to tackle climate change and experienced climate practitioners working on externally funded challenge driven projects.

Our community also includes students studying climate change and those that teach them.