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Supported start-ups

ECCI is home to a dynamic ecosystem of businesses, charities and public sector organisations. Here, we introduce all our supported startups so you can explore who they are and what they do.

Supported startup fill alterwaste martina zupan 02


Alterwaste, supported through the Climate-KIC Accelerator at ECCI, creates eco-friendly products out of industrial waste by-products. The company’s flagship product is a range of fully-compostable tableware made from eggshells. Director Martina Zupan aims to divert thousands of tonnes of shells from landfill each year and cut plastic use.

Supported startup fill apparelxchange 01


ApparelXChange, part of ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator, will combat textile waste by reinventing the way we buy and use school uniforms. The scheme aims to connect schools, local councils, parents and manufacturers to encourage reuse and recycling. Managing Director Izzie Eriksen also wants to help families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Supported startup fill beech product solutions med res 02


This start-up aims to provide a cost-effective alternative to plastic food packaging with a biodegradable material made from food waste. It will use food waste from agriculture and retail to make PLA (polylactic acid) pellets for manufacturing. Founder John Sloan won a place on ECCI’s Greenhouse programme for early stage start-ups.


Supported startup fill bespoke fabrics joan johnston 01


Bespoke Fabrics is an innovative textiles start-up taking part in our Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. Founder Joan Johnston is developing a range of bedding products that will combine the company’s expertise in good design, luxury, the circular economy and longevity.

Supported startup fill boxergy


Boxergy is a distributed energy management system, supported through ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator. It aggregates capacity from local heat pumps to provide heat and hot water at lower costs. Successful entrepreneur and Boxergy creator, Jim Laidlaw, wants to make a difference by encouraging the adoption of renewable power generation.

Supported startup fill clean water wave


This start-up, supported by the Climate-KIC Accelerator, created the CAFE (Clean Aqua for Everyone) filter. It offers a sustainable, long-term solution to contaminated drinking water in communities around the world. Founder Stephanie Terreni Brown dreams of providing safe, clean water to 10 million people in the next 10 years.

Supported startup fill co2 analyser med res 01


CO2 Catalyser is developing a process for turning carbon dioxide into alternative fuels, plant foods and acids. Chemist Gunel Aghabayli’s unique electrochemical system is cheaper, more efficient and kinder on the environment than existing methods. The start-up is being given funding and support through ECCI’s Climate-KIC Greenhouse programme.

Supported startup fill farm hand michael shaw med res 03


Michael Shaw’s product Farm-Hand is an affordable smart irrigation system that provides ‘right-time, right-volume’ irrigation to crops. Aimed at farmers in water-stressed India, it uses smartphones to change wasteful practices like leaving water pumps on all day. The start-up is being supported by ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator programme.

Supported startup fill generation home med res 01


This start-up aims to disrupt outdated approaches to housing by providing small, energy efficient and affordable homes. Founder Dr Shemaiah Weekes aims to reduce energy emissions to net zero and reduce embedded carbon in building materials. Her company is being supported by ECCI’s Climate-KIC Greenhouse programme.

Supported startup fill hemp eyewear


Hemp Eyewear Founder Sam Whitten is hoping to displace plastic eyewear frames with a sustainable alternative made from hemp. His product is light, biodegradable and made from renewable resources – and he hopes to follow it with other hemp-based fashion items. The start-up is being supported by ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator programme.

Supported startup fill industrial nature


Industrial Nature, currently on the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI, makes building blocks and insulation from sustainable hemp-based materials. Managing Director Scott Simpson’s dream is to disrupt the construction market, tackle climate change and improve people’s health by making better buildings.

Supported startup fill intellidigest


IntelliDigest is another start-up supported by the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI. It’s developing the world’s first autonomous, resilient and ultra-small scale organic waste digester. The digester will generate renewable energy through onsite waste recycling, producing a highly valued bio-resource.

Supported startup fill kasey hou 01


Kasey Hou is an innovator who aims to reduce electronic waste by creating products that are designed to be repaired. Her start-up, which is getting funding and support through our Climate-KIC Accelerator, aims to extend gadgets’ lifespan and cut out the need for unreliable recycling options. The company’s first product will be a flatpack toaster.

Supported startup fill kingdom innovative technologies med res 01


A former ECCI Ideas Labber, Kinnotech is designing a bright and durable solar lantern. Founder Joyce Onuonga is currently taking part in our Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. She wants to create a sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps for use by rural communities in Africa.

Supported startup fill mialgae ltd med res 02


MiAlgae uses waste water to grow microalgae that can be turned into Omega-rich feed for livestock and farmed fish. Founder Douglas Martin took part in our Ideas Lab and is also supported through Climate-KIC Accelerator.

Supported startup fill my bonnie coo med res 01


Creators of low carbon, self-assembly 3D wall art in the shape of a Highland cow - or ‘coo’ - head. Managing Director Heather Walker wants to see her product become Scotland’s iconic eco-friendly souvenir and must-have home accessory. This start-up is being given early stage support through the Climate-KIC Greenhouse at ECCI.

Supported startup fill one cherry med res 01


One Cherry is a smartphone app that lets shoppers browse items in local charity shops from the comfort of their home. By making buying second hand more convenient, Chief Executive Anton Puzorjov hopes to increase charities’ sales and cut consumption. One Cherry is being supported through ECCI’s Climate-KIC Accelerator programme.

Supported startup fill project munro heather urquhart med res 01


Project Munro founders Heather Urquhart and Alan Whiteside are being supported through our Climate-KIC Greenhouse programme. Their product is an eco-tourism rewards platform that will promote sustainable lifestyle choices and business practices. It aims to encourage more Scots to holiday in Scotland, use green transport options and buy locally.

Supported startup fill retromixer


Retromixer sells an inexpensive adapter that mixes the water from separate hot and cold taps into one stream. It’s quick and easy to install, compatible with most types of taps and reduces water consumption by 43%.

Supported startup fill senspasce med res 02


Climate-KIC Greenhouse participant Senspasce is developing a hemp-based alternative to plastic shower curtains. Jacqueline Bruce’s waterproof, durable and sustainable fabric will wind down from the top to protect bathrooms while showering. The company hopes to establish an incentivised returns service to reuse or recycle components and fabric.

Supported startup fill ufraction8 med res 01


Climate-KIC Accelerator participants uFraction8 are sustainable bioprocessing specialists who have designed an energy efficient and sustainable alternative to industrial centrifuges. Chief Operating Officer Monika Tomecka is a Falkirk-based biologist who led the company to the global finals of ClimateLaunchpad 2017.

Supported startup fill weewash med res 01


WeeWash, taking part in the Climate-KIC Accelerator at ECCI, is a tiny portable dishwasher designed for small households. The device aims to enable people to move away from resource-intensive hand washing. WeeWash founders Pierre Guglielmi and Francisco Carreño hope to reduce water and energy demands on a large scale.

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