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Innovation and SME support

Engaging and supporting small businesses is vital to creating a zero carbon economy.

We work with partners who can help us to reach, influence and support the SME community.

Small businesses have the agility to drive change and many lead the way in creating more sustainable products and business models. SMEs are a huge component of our economy and our workforce but often lack the knowledge and resources to focus on their climate impact.

That’s why we work with partners who can help us to reach, influence and support the SME community, and to help bring together small businesses to share their journey towards a zero carbon economy.

Place-based climate action

Our programme of place-based climate action with the City of Edinburgh asks everyone to play their part to ensure that everyone benefits. The Edinburgh Climate Commission has created the Edinburgh Climate Compact, and is working with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce to bring SMEs into our shared commitment reducing the climate impact of city businesses.

EIT Climate-KIC

As the Scottish partner for EIT Climate-KIC, we:

  • Supported over 90 entrepreneurs to create more than 43 new companies
  • Enabled those companies to create 113 FTE new jobs
  • Created over 60 other employment opportunities, including placements and contracting
  • Provided over £500k of direct investment into companies
  • Enabled participants to secure over £14m of additional investment

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