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Our vision

Collaborating to accelerate climate action.

The Edinburgh Climate Change Institute was established in 2010 and has consistently worked towards a climate neutral Scotland and wider world.

About us

The climate change challenge is an environmental, social and economic priority, and therefore our focus is identifying the most effective ways to accelerate action towards a thriving and sustainable Scotland.

ECCI is a centre of excellence within the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh. The centre is an inclusive hub for researchers, policy makers, businesses, students and educators. As such the ECCI community includes agencies who work to tackle climate change and experienced climate practitioners working on externally funded challenge driven projects. Our community also includes students studying climate change and those that teach them. We are therefore a collective of experts who deliver research, policy, education and training.

ECCI led projects are primarily funded through research and government grants, public and private sector support, and through expert consultancy. We seek to work with a diverse range of agents for change focussed on climate solutions.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, ECCI is a leading centre for research, teaching, policy and practice for climate action.

We are an interdisciplinary hub within the University of Edinburgh driving evidence based climate action across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Our vision

Our vision is a resilient, just and climate neutral Scotland, showing leadership in global climate action.

We create, support and work in partnership with researchers, communities, policy makers and businesses to find and implement place-based climate solutions, such as reducing emissions, building resilience and promoting equality and justice to tackle the climate emergency.

View our newly updated ECCI vision and strategic goals (2022-2027), co-created by the ECCI community.

ECCI vision and strategic goals (2022-2027)